The World Of Top Hats Alice In Wonderland

As you may have noticed on my site there are a lot of top hats from Wonderland.The wonderland is so vast to explore, that I try to make top hats on the themes: alice in wonderland, the mad hatter, the white rabbit, the queen of hearts and soon the caterpillar, as well as alice with … Read more

Mini Top Hats Potions Witch Halloween

Here is the collection of mini hats and potions haunted house, which are added to the other models of mini hats for Halloween and Thanksgivings.All the hats are made by hand, they are unique models and generally available in a single copy in order to allow you to obtain a rare and unique piece.A few … Read more

Halloween and Thanksgiving Mini Top Hats Are Here

Here it is, part of the Halloween and Thanksgiving Mini Top Hats collection online.You will find the micro mini top hats, the mini hats and the medium mini hats on the themes: witches, potions, haunted house, vintage halloween, cemetery without forgetting the spice pumpkins.

Gift For Any Halloween Order

As you know I am preparing my little hats for Halloween and Thanksgiving, I soon finished the mini velvet pumpkins.I received practically all my fabrics for Halloween, and there are really very beautiful ones, I particularly like the collection of Tim Holtz and Riley Blake and many others, but these 2 designers are really favorites.I … Read more

Creation Mini Velvet Thanksgiving Pumpkins

Today I will tell you about my little pumpkins for ThanksgivingAll mini and cute, they are made of a velvet fabric in different colors, I make them all by hand, and to give you an idea, I am preparing my mini hats for Thanksgiving and I have already made some more than 100.These mini velvet … Read more

Creation Yo-Yo Rapido CLOVER

you may have noticed that on some of my mini hats there are gathered satin circlesit’s called yo-yo, I make them with a matrix from clover, it’s very easy to do, you will find a lot of tutorials on youtube

Mini Top Hats New Arrivals

I presented you the latest news that will arrive soon, there is of course alice in wonderland, Paris, tea parties, Marie Antoinette and many others

The new website is online !

Hello, it is with great pleasure that I unveil my new site to you ! Most of you know me through my shop on Etsy but I invite you to connect to the site now to take advantage of promotions and regular offers. [FR]Bonjour, c est avec un immense plaisir que je vous dévoile mon … Read more