Mini Peacock Blue Bicorn Hat


Mini Peacock Blue Bicorn Hat

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DreamsHead presents its novelty

Magnificent mini steampunk pirate peacock hat
Covered with a paont blue brocade fabric, a blue satin ribbon and a black braid
It is adorned with a blue satin yoyo (handmade) and a clock charm
an avalanche of feathers finish off the hat

Dimensions: 13.33cm long, 12cm wide and 3.80cm high
Made entirely by hand
It will elegantly adorn your head and enhance your outfit

Tricorn (3 ply)
Bicorne (2 ply)

All my items are entirely handmade by me

The item color may differ from your screen due to variance in computer monitors.

The hats are held on the head by an elastic, to pass through the back of the head to the nape of the neck

The hats are same as the photo, you receive exactly the same

All hats are ready to ship